Health Care Reform

AHCS actuaries are available to assist clients with a variety of actuarial matters relating to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).  We have provided services in the following areas:

  • Insurance company development of PPACA compliant individual and small group benefit programs for both on-exchange and off-exchange business.
  • Product development to fit required metal tiers and maximize competiveness.
  • Pricing of PPACA products in a manner to fit filing requirements and company needs.
  • Rate filings and Actuarial Memorandums.  This includes preparing rate filing materials including the Uniform Rate Review Template (URRT), Federal Actuarial Memorandums, State Actuarial Memorandums and Preliminary Justifications.
  • Forecasting the PPACA impact on insurance company’s non-exchange individual and small group business.
  • Review of insurer rate filings and issuance of Actuarial Memorandums on behalf of regulatory agencies responsible for PPACA rate filing approval.
  • Calculation of actuarial values and testing minimum value requirements for insurer products and employer plan sponsors.
  • Estimation of the value of the 3 R’s; Risk Adjustment, Reinsurance, and Risk Corridors.
  • Financial reporting of PPACA related assets, liabilities, and income statement items.